Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gaming at Home =.=

Hmmm..I shall go eat baskin robin today la xD But sad never go out just stay at home game only =.=

But also not gaming very long just from 1140+ i woke up then play until 150+ then have lunch then i went to sleep until now xD



30th MAY 0824PM

Outing to piramid

Morning get up and eat a simple breakfast then got to go LRT sit bus to piramid outing with chinese society BOD xD

When we arrive there all the shop havent open yet and damn quiet =.= that is really sien la..Then we went to play bowling xD

Hahaah din't know that i actually can be the second high scorer in our group hahaha

After playing then we start to find where shall we have our lunch..In the end we went to a restaurant name GASOLINE..Not bad,quite nice the food..
After eating then we go shop shop then go arcade play xD

Dint know that i really so noob in the arcade game nowadays xD
But lucky i still can win all of them in the top 2..First round get second just abit more to get first to win chee guan :( And the second time really crazy.. Dont know who the hell keep bangging me to the wall and make me get the last one behind, but never mind after few corner i get to the top again xD so happy heheh From last to the FIRST woo~

And who say that i cant get first one r? xD Who r? Lols.

After that mom come fetch me then go 1u and i saw that unmatch uniform fellow again at 1u

OH MY GOoodNESss!!!!!!!!!!! Hmm..forget to take his picture again =.= But never mind because now i know where that guy work at xD Hahahahah...


29th MAY 0208PM

Unmatch weird uniform for working fellow

This holidays i go for outing at 1u so many time i saw this unmatch uniform fellow so many time wei..Weird like shit la his uniform.. Red shorts with formal top...

Eeyer~ Red short and that formal looks so gay xD

But i guess he earn alot by doing that job xD Really wanna Take his photo lo, seen him so many time hahaha..


28th MAY 1157PM



Hahaha Celebrate Rainnie jie's birthday at T.G.I Fridays today..

AWW!! The food really nice wei..But is kinda expensive but is still very tasty xD I guess the most tasty's is the Jack Daniels sauce...
Whee Jack Daniels sauce with the Fillet xD

That rocks!!!!!!

Having a plentiful dinner :]


28th MAY 1008PM

Bully HIM!!!!!!!

Who get bully r?
Kee Wei?
Hahahah today's tuition was not studying is just to bring my psp for playing there and i start talking about Need for speed Pro Street with Aaron lee xD

And there is a bully during this tuition and he is kee wei xD

Just wanna say him really NOOB!!!Even jit sun don't play such game i guess? But also he know
how to play and win it.. Don't understand WHY kee wei is so noob cant win it xD

And he bring his psp also but still kena sheng hui's ZAT xDBy saying why his psp's game so sien and all hahaha

NOOB KEE WEI!!!!!!!!
Really noob hahaha train more and be better heheh

28th MAY 0145PM

Lucky Morning

Hahaha this morning lucky i off my phone before i sleep xD

Or not i'll be let William woke me up at 8AM.Smart me la xD 'Perasan' =P

Sien have to go tuition today =.=

27th MAY 1125PM

AWW Somebody is getting older today!

Hahaha have Celebration for the birthday girl today but i heard that that is also some other fellow's birthday xD

So happy birthday to them also xD

During the outing...

yi xuan
Really crazy making her about 'ANG MO' hahaha... Everywhere calling her 'ANG MO' xD

jia kent
Woo ZAT ZAT ZAT...hahaha is so nice to zat jia kent today la.Also need to thanks him let us zat the whole day lo xDZu Pa Bao!!!

chee guan
Hey the GOD!!! xD Thanks for coming and did you late to tuition? Hmmm..pity you walk so far to the bas station and and the stupid bus run away liao =.= Ya also thanks for calling jia kent for letting us ZAT xD

chang nien
Really thanks for attending today's celebration..Although you have no transport also you take a public transport to come. Hahaha that 'LOU YEH' so sad have to buy adult's ticket xD And really thanks for coming xD

xin wei
Old people!!! Lao ren jia!!! Lou Yeh!!! So sad you have to be OLD LADY today xD And need you to stand there wait for the ticket xD By the way we all also standing there wait for the ticket xD Anyway thanks for coming although you are an old lady xDNeed you to come really toilsome or laborious for an old lady right? hahah

Sai Lou r.. Thanks for coming the celebration today xDHahaha you really blur at the morning la.. I walk pass you you only 'Boo!' me but is so soft la,how i hear you le..Why dont you just tap me or hit me xD

Hmmm today we wait for the ticket xD Ticket of what happen in vegas hahaha that movie really nice, while the movie haven start we already start ZAT jia kent liao xD Noisiest row in that cinema row,just like when i'm going out with my pet brother gang like crazy people just to kacau people watch movie xD

After we watch the movie we're eating at Pizza Hut.. Wooo~ when they give menu we all start ZAT jia kent again by saying we wanna eat PORK CHOP xD While eating at pizza hut also we being noisy xD Omg!!! When the pizza comes and we saw candles on the pizza hahaha that was jia kent's plan but when we take out the candle the candle that we put in is melted because the pizza was hot =.= That make me remember the movie 'House Of Wax' xD

Finish fitting all the pizza then we go play pool..Hmm sad that i lose liao =.=
All because of playing a fool acting cool there xD This tell us don't lan c then you'll be better hahahha..

In the end still WISH YOU HAPPY ALWAYS xD

26th MAY 1000PM

Going to cut hair soon..

Hmm what kind of hair should i cut le?

Hmmm hate those teacher go cut my hair la xD

By the way nevermind cut my hair soon then nothing liao xD

25th MAY 0703PM

Sien Sien Sien

Nothing much today but is really very sien...

Hmm...Sien make me emo wei xD Second day holiday start sien adi la..Why r?Summore internet connection damn SUCK wei, cant even online for more than 15 second only la..

Hmm make me dont feels like bloging =.=

stupid connection hehe

24th MAY 1120PM


Today saw kee wei at McD and i heard that on friday Teacher's day performance was NOT really good and there is alot of people actually just to go teacher's day to surport me for dance performance wei!!!

Hmm...SORRY for never let all those people just to go there surport my performance know that i never go perform and you all just to go surport me?

Thanks to those people who just go for surport my performance.


23rd MAY 1158PM

Sureen and Yuen hee birthday Celebration

Aww~~ Ponteng school today never go for teacher's day celebration but is friends birthday celebration haha..

And i suppost to go for telematch at school for chinese society but in the end i find sub go liao haha..

By the way i found out that they should not find me go play that telematch want lor.. Because Club Kembara call me for help out also,that's why i know all the game adi xD

Sad for not performing lar..By the way i guess others performance also nice gua? Surporting Yong Foong dance performance xD But not really like the band performance T.T

Anyway let's get back to the birthday celebration xD

Oh my~~ Me and chang nien go there around 10+ just to find that two birthday fellar punya birthday present xD

Good that he really found the present haha Hmm hope she like that present xD After that yuen hee arrived then me and chang nien go find her.. Then she is with her mom at BATA shop buying stuff and when we got to BATA shop time...

Me and Chang Nien

Me:AWW~~~ Can you see her?

Chang Nien: Nope..

Me:Hmm..So weird..She say she is here but cannot see it xD

Chang nien:Ya lor..

Hmm...i like thinking is she too short or at another BATA shop xD Hahaha sorry to say you short
ya haha but still SHORT!!! hahaha

After that me and chang nien wait outside some sit near BATA shop and we saw her walkin out then we met her and go see movie ticket..Hmm while buying ticket lucky we dint hear chang nien say go buy 20tickets..

Because when they come just the 14 of them and we bought 17 liao..Lucky we saw some friends there which they always call them Lalala punya people which is k.chun,c.chuan and c.yik...

Hmm did you realised that their name all also cant get away from C,H and U? xD Thanks to them help us buy that 3 extra ticket hahaha

Before we meet them is still we 3 fellar time.. We went to arcade and i play 1 round of daytona racing and OH MY GOD~ I'm so suck liao somemore still wanna plus that never play punya people there Kacau my hair while i play =.= Urgh! Last time play get 1st now only get 12th =.= After playin then sureen call and ask us to go Bar B Q plaza book place first and we 3 people is like ok then we go there sit.. Hmm lucky we dint wait at the Bar B Q plaza there..Because they like 15minutes or 20minutes only they arrived xD

Hmm.. The food is nice and the movie is nice la xD

IRONMAN ROckS!!!!!!!!!

22nd MAY 1056PM


Hahaha today's chinese tuition time si jun make teacher boil some tea wei... xD
Si jun ah.. You damn clever to waste tuition time de hor xD

Crazy fellar..

But the tea is nice hahaha..

22nd MAY 1211PM

Ponteng Day!!!!!

Late waking up today xD

Then just have some snack then start playing xD That is fun.. Lol long time no play game liao feel kinda syok haha but dint get adict to it..Cheh..

Sad i cant get last time play until mad that feel but never mind is still gaming hahaha...

Gaming ROX!!!!!!!!!!

21st MAY 1048PM

Not performing liao =.=

All because of another band performing the same song and so En.Zaidi said we dont have the Micheal Jackson's standard so the 'beat it' song let the band perform..

That time i was like What the HELL!!! Saying i'm not good and the yong foong crew can dance.. Me and yong foong they all same standard de ma.. But now is like i'm far away nia...

And after that lunch at McD with hoc leong,guang ming,chang nien and yuen hee hahaha on our way to McD so funny xD Bullying yuen hee nia xD

And everyone go McD is like just eat some dissert nia hahaha so funny wei..

Walk there for only have dissert? xD

After that today's tuition is like only chat with sheng hui and never do essay wei.. I guess that time i'm moody? xD

20th MAY 1140PM

Busy Like Shit....

Why today need stayback for dance de.. Summore got tuition
replacement and having music class at night =(

Busy! Busy! Busy! Busy! Busy!

Damn busy and feel so emo xD

20th MAY 1106PM


Wow not bad le.. But our dance still need more practise and
finish up the choreograph so we need to stayback at school to
day =.= I guess is all because of 70's dance la.. Suck like
shit xD

Better the teacher dance let us see haha i guess that will be
fun xD

20th MAY 1106PM


Wow not bad le.. But our dance still need more practise and
finish up the choreograph so we need to stayback at school to
day =.= I guess is all because of 70's dance la.. Suck like
shit xD

Better the teacher dance let us see haha i guess that will be
fun xD

19th MAY 1108PM


This morning wake up at 7 just to rush back from hometown to
have practise hahaha but end up with i'm still late to sze
ting house because i use the wrong way to go her house =.=

Wanna blame the map but when i'm at sze ting house they all
say i'm late because i dont know how to see the map T_T

By the way late also nevermind la..Cf dance practise start at
the morning until after lunch only our dance practise start
=.= At first still say i late T_T

All bully me cheh~

Hmm but not bad i help to choreograph kind a lot xD Pro me
hahaha *perasan* But the dance really cool la,because the
whole dance is all of us choreograph together wei xD The real
team work aww!!!

Wish tomorrow's audition is good xP

Monday, May 19, 2008

Appear at shopping mall today but damn sien nia

Smsing people when parents shopping time hahaha xDAfter the shopping then i went back to hometown have shopping
at hometown punya jusco and play ps2 xD then end up with
asking my mom may i take ps2 back home xD

Hmmm then when i'm at hometown punya jusco lepak time i saw
so many lala wei OH MY GOSH!!!!!

And somebody just ask me did i saw Pn.Kwang there? xD

And Wow i dint know that my mom actually let me bring ps2
back this time xD So happy =P

Aww!! Sleeping at hometown today and the next morning have to
rush back PJ not to go wesak day but is to rush back going
Sze Ting's house to have dance practise performing on
friday's teacher's day..

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Why is the game ended so fast. Today just finish download
from yesterday de PSP game today only use around 4 to 5 hours
then finish liao =.= Sien nia..

Anyone have nice PSP's game intro me xDIf can please intro me as much as you can thank you xD

Ya please intro me as soon as possible xD Cant wait adi and dont know why finish exam is kinda happy but is still like more sien liao =.=

Also need to blame the internet connect sucks or not i'll be playing online game xp

Sien like shit!!!!! Hahaha xD Go sleep hehe post end liao.

Gaming's day return

As usual today Saturday morning have to go school..After
going school back home take my bath and breakfast :D

Hmm after my breakfast AWW PSP!!!! Hahaha I was playing my
psp until now and have my break to post this blog xp

Time to play again..Sorry for short post XP

Ya today is a no phone day because sister wanna use T.T Nevermind gaming day xD

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thomas Cup =)

Aww just finish watching House of Wax =.= such a stupid movie and the movie's ending song is totally not suit that ending xD

Thomas Cup why Malaysia's single match lost leh..NO FUN let GUANG MING write news nia =.= And i know for sure got alot of news about Bao Chun Lai xD Because GUANG MING LOVES HIM Oh My...mou ngan tai liao xD

By the way is happy about Korea own Indonesia 3-0!!! Aww KOREAN ROCKS xp

Time to sleep zZZzz~



Today after english paper feel to high and is like out of jail =) Hmm still waiting when can i go back hometown to play PS2 XD By the way nevermind i'm still very happy after the exam today hahaha...

After today's paper actually i can go back hometown adi but my mum say not going back today.. Hmm after hear that i feel sad but after the afternoon will turn back to be happy again xD Because tonight is going to have dinner at Original KAYU and yam cha late night at mamak with my cousin again hahaha..

After i arrive home then i eat cup mee hahaha long time never eat adi feel so delicious *Oyishi* hahaha..after the lunch i play my psp awhile then i go bath then play again then i feel sleepy so i fall asleep then now finish the sleep hahaha..Now back to play again xD

Friday, May 16, 2008

1 more exam day to go xD

Hmm forget yesterday i saw a car suddenly the wheel came out and when the fellar accelerate time his car cant move xD sad sad..Then when he come out from his car and see what happen that time his reaction was really funny hahaha 'Oh My..Where is my wheel?' xD
(Picture of the accident happen will posted when my internet connection get better)xD

Hmm and today's maths is kinda easy but the chinese paper is really dont know how to do it T.T Hard for everyone who take chinese i think xD

Today my life really goes lifeless i think,because today what i did is Exam - Go home - Sleep - Tuition - Pasar Malam xDAnd i saw Zhuo Liang at pasar malam with his mum i think? haha

Going to Old Town white coffee cafe Yam Cha later haha long time never go out late night whee...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Today's accounts punya paper nothing much but after recess
that bm karangan paper was really impossible le xD Because last time for my bm paper 120 word also i can reach

But this time dont know why so impossible that i can write
for my first essay until 213 word AWW! and for my second
karangan although i'm not enough word but i'm still very
happy with it because i can write my karangan until 280+ word
le xD

And i really use that tidak dapat dinafikan at my karangan and also i use the chinese peribahasa in then explain it hahaha xD

After this bm karangan paper i'm so high xD Feel so release

And today i did a bad thing xD NEVER GO FOR TUITION!! xD


Today's exam starts after recess haha though that i can read
accounts before recess but end up with talking a lot of crap
in the class xD

Then after recess. Hmm when i get my paper i stunt there for
few minutes only i start to do hahah. Then my paper end up
with only complete jurnal then abit lejar,buku tunai and buku
tunai runcit xD others never do le xD Hope that god can
really save me hahaha..

Then for the next day's exam is accounts paper 1 and bm
karangan paper le. But i never study for that because i dont
even know what to study about xD and there is some tips given
from EduSmart bm tuition punya teacher everytime the word
bring from Eng Keat "TIDAK DAPAT DINAFIKAN" that is the
starting of the essay xD


TODAY'S EXAM SUCK!!!!!! Mod maths paper 2 kinda lot of
question dont know how to do and economic also dont know how
to do the essay xD By the way who cares la over adi XD

Then afternoon having tuition at yu ming's house, then i went
there early so i go into his room and watch some funny videos xp

OMG!! Mr.Bean(Rowan Atkinson) punya joke was really stupid
and funny in that video and also there is a video with 2 fellar
make their jokes with their own sound effect xD AWW admire
their sound effect le really damn cool :D

Hmmm the next day having accounts paper 2 exam le..Dint know
that i can OT studying my accounts! Aww and the first time i
study for school exam until like that xD Some more study
until the next morning 1:30AM and i realised that this year
dont know why i study for exam hahaha Wish all my exam result
better than last time la :D

Hahaha here to re-thanks Han Cheng for coming to school teach me and yuen hee accounts again

Sunday, May 11, 2008

GET Influence =.= and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

I feel that i'm crazy by going to youtube and watch lolipop bang bang tang video le =.=

But is nice haha xD


Morning as usual go to karate class xDAfter class go home bath then nap..Around 1130 i go to
granny's house then eat granny cook punya laksa whee~ Tasty
granny's asam laksa xDAfter eating then go to 1u jalan.Boring walking with parents then i went to action city and i start to play the cube box thing after few minutes around 6minutes then i complete liao!!!(One side la) xD Then i saw last time tuition
together de friend then he ask me have a pool match with him
haha until the end is draw game because begining time he go
masuk the black ball =.=" and at last i slow him 1 ball

After jalan then night time have a abundant dinner xD hahaha

And nowadays connection SUCKS!!!


Morning as usual go to karate class xDAfter class go home bath then nap..Around 1130 i go to
granny's house then eat granny cook punya laksa whee~ Tasty
granny's asam laksa xDAfter eating then go to 1u jalan.Boring walking with parents then i went to action city and i start to play the cube box thing after few minutes around 6minutes then i complete liao!!!(One side la) xD Then i saw last time tuition
together de friend then he ask me have a pool match with him
haha until the end is draw game because begining time he go
masuk the black ball =.=" and at last i slow him 1 ball

After jalan then night time have a abundant dinner xD hahaha

And nowadays connection SUCKS!!!

Watching video at youtube

Nowadays keep watching video in youtube nia xD

Saturday, May 10, 2008


OH MY GOD!!!I guess i really long time never write chinese liao xDWhile during exam time the essay i really lot of word dont
know how to write wei..then after that lucky have Jit Pian
help me xD Or not my paper will be having some Han Yu Pin Yin
there liao hahaha

Wow at first i get the paper then i get stunt,because i dont
know how to read the question xD And then before exam
everyone is like Hmm i guess chenge passage will be easier
after that all also go do writing "announcement" hahaha xD

Eh SIVIK!!! Time to do objective and some of the subjective
wuestion and start sleeping hahaha..Really dont know what to
answer and some of that dont know what they asking :P But i
try my best and get to do 2 question liao hahaha then after
that i have a sweet time there sleep liao 1 hour :DAnd After the paper i dont get it why Angela can take her
exam paper home and few minute later she take her paper back
and Pn.Khairia start scolding her and dont know why
Pn.Khairia so perasan say herself very clever lucky she check
that one person not yet pass up =.="

After the exam i stayback for study and having free tuition
whee!!But before the tuition start,there is also COCONUT HEAD
(Jonathan Yap) there and Melvin Goh also studying at the
library and i want to say SHIT!!!You two guys so lame and so
crazy le..Keep saying the K and Kuang thingy hahaha By the
way that is really jokes!!! HAHAHA

Heh thanks Yuen Hee intro me this teacher for letting me know
Han Cheng(teacher that i mention) XD Thanks Han Cheng for teaching me accounts..haha now only i
know accounts leh XD Thanks so much but i'm still have abit blur

Yesterday exam punya Science paper ROX!

While teacher giving out our exam sheets

Travis:Eh Wen Jun i'going to fucking fail my science paper
and sleep.Ya remember wake me up when exam over..

Me(WenJun):Cheh every paper also you sleep de la..
(After awhile i turn back to face in front...)

After turn in front few second later..

Travis:FUCK!!!Wen Jun!!!Look!!! (He is holding a science book)

Me(WenJun):(I turn back and look at him)OH MY GOD!!SCIENCE BOOK!!!

Travis:Hahaha Wen Jun this time i'm not going to fail my science paper and i'm gonna use this fucking book XD

Me(WenJun):OH MY GOD!!Help me later too xD

Travis:Ya. Wen Jun i'm not gonna fail my fucking science

Me(WenJun):Haha xD

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day three exam punya morning

Yesterday English and Geography punya paper was kinda good
le,because all the people is like dont really know how to do
the english paper's summary writting le xD But dont know why
for me is like different,dont know why is this so weird that
i know how to do the summary and is perfectly 130word
complete it Whee~~

After the summary writing is just left 15minutes for me then
i though i still can get a nap there..But at that time i turn
the page and i saw many more literature question there =.="
Cant get my NAP!!!!Nevermind~

Hmm.. I'm not that happy with the geography paper le..After
exam only there is people said that the carta pai have to
write the represent thingy =.="

GOSH~Why dint he say earlier le =.="

Second Day - SOUL of me xD

Aww yesterday Bm and moral paper wei! Kinda happy for my
moral paper because the first time my moral having many word
on the answer punya blank place le..And is also like the
first time i read my moral punya nilai hahaha.. Until today
only i know all the nilai le (Wish can get a pass for my
moral paper) xD

But bm was really need GOD SAVE!!!Rumusan
still ok ok le..But bina ayat everybody was like put blank
there but i just simple crap some SHIT there hahaha By the
way i dont think there is any mark leh Aih~


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Internet CACATED!!!!!!!!!!!

No post for few days?But nevermind i guess nothing special xD Today was a boring day and EXAM is coming and i'm not studying hahaha..This time my exam is going to be FAILED..Feel frustrated when talking about EXAM :D

Caution:No blog will be post on 6th of MAY - 16th of MAY :D