Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dead blog =)

Almost a month that i din't update my blog,
so now is a time to update awhile and all christmas and new year to everybody lol.

Sorry to be a real late to say this haha

Ok the school start right? Good to know i have more hardworking but must still need more hardworking xD
Good that i can sit with Chee Ken because he can help my studies so yea,thanks to him.

This year is a last year of schooling =D but i just not really like my class because when there is free period all of them wil start talk alot and all is a fact that i sometimes tried to read =D but really the class is too noisy so i rather sleep than read until i cant remember what have i read lol

Talking lame things in me is still exist here haha
is just nowadays i don't really talk so much anymore
instead those people who i make a lame joke to them
they will just come and tell me back what joke i made for them xD

is like last time when i saw Candice i'll call her "CAN!! DICE!!" but yesterday when i was free so i went to cf she asked me why din't i call her that anymore lol
Good right? people is finding me for lame thing lol.

My life still moving on,no matter when, where, how..
i will also like to see everyone is happy laughing here and there..

So when you laughing the laughter..try to feel the hapiness that you are having =)

And now when there is a bright day for me then i will a post blog =)

And there is lot of things that i did wrong..and i'm SORRY!!
and the sorry i'll say it when the time is right..but you might not accept my apologise but i'll still not to be coward to say and ask

I don't know my ending is how but everyone be happy yea..

Don't say what when my blog is going to dead =D i have said that when the day is good or i feel good then i'll post =)

Oh Happy Chinese New Year first =D because i might not be posting.

And tonight i'm going to MOS Euphoria to watch live BATTLE GROUND =D
Hmmm but kinda sad when i ask for teman

I'm afraid
Wish my candle will be lighted again