Monday, October 12, 2009

So wanna thank this person lol...who is she??? She is one of my upgraded friend which is my most best friend's cousin lol...
her name for me is call CCTV aka tikus(by marcus it??) aka Qiao xin which is the real name... job have done lol...this is what i told her lol..

really thank you for that lol...feel better i put upgraded which means you are more than so call normal friend i might share a little secret to you lol...

there are few of them upgraded too know who you are...don't have to jealous lol..

Do you know guys like their fringe so much nowadays???? I am a guy but i'm so going to say that i cut it :D


hahaha i love this short short no hair :D so different from other ppl lol...and is so easy to wash my face lol..

and the back have a little UNDER cut..

Yesterday's tuition picture from kah kheng and travis....which playing with my phone-.-


WTF is wrong with this weird post!!! Look RETARDED :D

And omg...during tuition me and kah kheng was so cool lol....we actually talking bad about ppl infront of them lol....SOOO....LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Can i say i rock!!!!
And we finish talking bad...only we know actually that person was actually on the same table hahaha...thanks to you kah start the topic and make IT SO ROCK!!! Lol...

This kick's really cool if you like MICHAEL JACKSON...

It's nice to wear it i think lol...cause SBTG always do the best job :D
I like this is because i can don't tie the shoe lace nice!!!
and this is cross to this shoe can actually represent that you are wearing a CUSTOMIZE KICK with converse plus SBTG nike and also MICHAEL JACKSON's tribute hahah...

Click to check..



Friday, October 9, 2009


Go back to kampung cut my hair hahaha....sounds so free right?? lol...

My music theory is making me crazy lol..end up still need to do right???
the conclusion is...if no theory how to have practical?? lol...

nvm nvm...have been check it out for any ladies who like nike shoe?? Or maybe like to play basketball...there is a new kicks at this coming January...

Air Max Lebron VII Pink Fire

It's only releasing in ladies and kids sizes!

How sad for guy that no nike shoe for them lol...and jump down here...

Another NIKE FOR LADIES........

Nike WMNS Training Limited Edition Zoom Sister One

This month...The pair will have an extensive cross-training platform with Nike technologies like the DiamondFLX construction, Flywire support frame, Zoom Air cushioning plus a Nike+ real time monitor to give you the ultimate performance. Each pair comes with a Sister one Mini on the tongue and a personalized cheerleader which could be customized online. These limited cuties are available at Nike retail locations worldwide starting Thursday, October 15th.

Available at Nike retail outlets on the 15th October 2009, or check out their Nike for more info.

Hook down to a Special for Adidas.
Guy's to show off....

Adidas Originals by Originals - Spring/Summer ‘10 Jeremy Scott Paris Showroom Preview

Is this cool??? would have to enjoy this next year...haha..

Monday, October 5, 2009

Just crazy lazy and busy...

no no...
just wen to Yu ming's house and be a lame one there talking some crap..and meet up new of them was SUI LUN.. Linked can always check it out with my buddy list..

Ok it was nice..we make some fun and i'm so sorry to my new meet friend...she was the leng lui that night ok..then how sad i make her get a kiss from a guy :D how bad my thinking was...
It was a truth or dare game no choice ok lol..

ok sunday went out to watch movie "ugly truth"

with the FLAT FACE aka xinwei, my heng dai DUAN MAO aka that AH NIEN and the last one..CCTV aka tikus qiao xin lol..

one of the best topic was...XIN WEI WEAR SKIRT!!! :D
sorry to have to picture of it :(
she din't wanna take pic -.-
but is fun to bring her go to lady shop to have try those DRESSES hahaha...

OMG!! Haha..Guess who?? Lol.

Feeling tasty?? Lol

See that guy...he doesn't like taking picture lol... wei is like my style haha..
WHY ARE YOU always copy my pose :P

Hmmm...Nice right?? When i know her time...she doesn't want to take picture -.- when i ask her!!! She always tell me not good looking..but haha she is the lady of the day lol...LADY OF THE DAY!!!!

Lady of the day??? FORCE TO WEAR SKIRT!!! LOL...

The anti-photoring feller :D There goes the nice picture yo!! Lol...haha..

The cctv lol..

Copy me...i bully she follow bully me -.-

Nice candid?? Thanks to me :P

ok..i want it also asked ah nien to take it lol..haha but you know what...he take damn fast...really no ready candid photographer lol..