Sunday, July 26, 2009

Right or wrong?

Hahah i don't know what i'm doing is right or a wrong..but is just hmmmm...
anyway i think what is happening now will just let it passed this year, hopefully it'll be alright :) am i?
But never mind, don't hope for anything this year..just wish to hit my aim.
So sorry and hope i can get forgive from that..

Coming up i'll be having performance on the interact installation xD Don't feel like choreographing any since bryan and charleen also don't feel like dancing anymore then stick to the point i just solo on the day :) so, hope people are coming to support me on the day.
it'll be on the coming saturday

Last week tuesday night i went to 1u with mom to buy school shoe xD din't expect my shoe to spoild so fast and hahaha mom just help me to choose it lol
just like my mom is going to school lol so after buying the shoe then i bring my mom to CONVERSE to see a shoe that i wanna buy lol but i prefer NIKE SB!!!! Lol i'm just so support nike than other famous brand hahaha..

the converse shoe was

but there is still other one lol

Then other than this before that i tell my mom i want to buy ipod touch then my mom is like what is that so expensive. Then i bring my mom to Mac shop time my mom was like cool one ah xD

Oh..going to the MJ event at 1u now xD

love the world...recycle!!!!

My new bearbrick..the series 18 xp


Thursday, July 2, 2009




The Game - Better On The Other Side [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (Michael Jackson Tribute)

Better On The Other Side (MJ Tribute) - The Game Feat. Chris Brown & Boyz II Men