Thursday, April 2, 2009

Busy day~!!

This afternoon went to Ultimaxx studio after school but haha sorry to say that no camera to take some picture lol

Ok when i goes up there is like

Me:Hey YO!!
Max:Eh?! Oi long time no see!!
Max:How are you adi??
Me:Good good..

then talk talk talk bout 15 minutes then ciao lol

and maybe i'm going to get dance classes from there so anyone interested please tell me~ so can go together =D

studies? OMG cannot get sejarah in to my head man!!!
but i think is good that i know maths and accounts more!!!
hope is A for SPM lol or not also let me to have a credit of B? xD

tuesday and yesterday is Photo session at school and this year school i'll be having the UGLY BUZZ hair -.-

btw is growing lol

Don't forget is also april fool day xD

somehow Chee Ken have said something silly before april fool day xD

Chee Ken:Wah...feels like long time never fool people on april fool adi oh...

Eng Kiat:Buddha!!!!! Are you having problems? april fool one year once sure you feel that is long la..

(buddha Chee Ken's nick name in class..cause he everytime sleep just like sleeping buddha)
...(forge who =p):I also long time never celebrate birthday adi...cause my birthday also one year celebrate once xD

And today he also did say something like go pray or something and somebody just ask him a question that i thought you are already buddha why still need to pray to buddha rofl.

back to hair...

Hahah try the all crazy stuff in cuting hair and all is fun but when it come to a time to think is it what you think you are doing all this? the time come to think this is...
HAR??? Let me wear cap,hat,bennie....all the thing that cover my hair =D
but when you are botak like me time shall really take more time to wear cap and all!!!
cause when the time you wear all those cap and all is like every style you can wear it just like a cap model xD
Really to say that this botak hair really not suit in me..i need a korean or japanese hair style to suit back what i look like xD

How i can be cool when i was in a buzz hair...copy style of korea =p

Malaysia ekonomik really getting worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Change back to my old phone and use this few days~ and somehow when i cange back to the old phone there seems people that did not message me punya people come and message me this days xD and i need to applogize to them and ask who are they lol.

haha when i use the new phone that have all people's contact number inside then you all don't message me and made my new phone is like dead...then...need wait till i change to my old phone and then that old phone is like never save contact number one de phone ni come and message me -.-

RANDOM pictures

by SIFU Mr.Katoon a.k.a Kelvin

Wanna attend sales at Singapore..wanna go buy NIKE SB!!!!

Wanna go see see this nice shoe!!!

Wanna buy this at The GARDENS's "Sole what?"

Wanna go out to event!!!!

anywhere, anyplace, doing anything.....

by the way wanna watch race to witch moutain and the fast and furious 4!!!!!!!!!

And this saturday new Taekwondo studio is opening at Taman Megah just near Ming Tien food court...