Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I wanna i wanna buy all....

looking all the kicks and bear hahahah...is it really that nice??
but i just feel like buying them all..nice or not just judge yourself haha....



ok..this is
2009 Halloween 100% and 400% Be@rbrick Set

this year’s edition of the Halloween Be@brick. For 2009, Medicom have tricked out this treat with glow-in-the-dark plastic and a felt-like material. The bear comes in a set of 100% and 400% versions, and is scheduled to hit Medicom stockists on October 31st, 2009.

The 2009 Halloween 100% and 400% Be@rbrick Set is available now for pre-order at Action City Malaysia and Singapore.

Medicom x Loopwheeler Be@rbrick

Medicom finally releasing this special set of Be@rbricks made in collaboration with Japanese fleece specialists Loopwheeler. There will be three different sizes, the 100% and 400% versions will feature a felt-like material around the vinyl, whilst the 1000% one will be wrapped in Loopwheeler’s signature fleece fabric. The bears will see a release next week in extremely limited quantities.

The Medicom x Loopwheeler Be@rbrick will be available soon at Action City Malaysia and Singapore. Contact them for pricing details.

Ok...can you see this lousy one here...it's mine lol..really look like from the rubbish bin LOL..

it's like jeans cloth...but i want the DUNK MID!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN NICE!!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Actually this post i was suppost to blog about XIN WEI's BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!
and that was just yesterday..but this morning when i wake up~ i turn on my comp the first thing i thought was so early who will online leh..
so i plan to have my gaming time again~ but...this girl here online so..first thing i ask was..."EH GIRL!!!! YOU FORGET ME ADI????" LOL...is that sounds bad??

then the reply from her was...ERR... you are...
ok ok...in fact we know each other..but talk only like not more than 10 time i guess~
but this morning is like wau~~ we talk so much plus web cam~ but LOL i forget to have a snap~ xD
and yes...never mind~ forgive her bout that..cause she remember me just forget my name~ haha..
and one more thing was that she ask me to pass to the CHINESE SOCIETY MEMBER!!


but..did any of the chinese society member read my blog or else??? haha..

Ok back to my main point!! BOUT XIN WEI's BIRTHDAY!!!! 21/09/2009

ok..to say that i was late~~ SORRY XIN WEI~~And the last to go back also xD feel so bad to you and your mom :/
but thank you your mummy to let us mess up the house HAHA..but is ok la..not really well mess xD but i doesn't mean that i want to mess it up well lol.

so when i reach her house...wow...is like i taking that domokun that bought for her present..walau~~to say no only ME that only 1 give her this huge domokun once again!!!!!!!
cause when i gone down the car...is like cheeh..so peace man yo~~ but when i go take that freakin domokun~~~ OMG!!! I'm like giving my best friend like how a boy friend give present~~ WTH!!!!!! ok..i mean that boy friend is not what boy ok~~ but ok..i feel kinda off...man~~ but it's ok..by seeing everyone having a nice smile~ LOL
But in conclusion i still don't know who gave that whole present..so lol.

And once again...HAPPY BIRTHDAY XIN WEI!!!!!

Ok the birthday girl~~

HAHAHA the card in it's mouth is made by me LOL i know it look sucks~~