Sunday, February 22, 2009

Year of license wei!!!
So i did not read my undang book but then i suddenly feels like doing the undang program from the driving school gave me
So i straight away do the test by not reading anything xD
test is in malay language
and is also my sucky language but i din't know that i can actually do it with a nice score which is 49/50
which mean that i only have 1 mistake xD

when doing it is like i damn scared that there is damn alot of wrong
but is just a practise...if that is the score on the undang exam i really need thank god lol

Wooo~ here to tell all boys and girls to go watch Kung Fu Chefs from Sammo Hung, Vanness Wu, Cherrie Ying, Lam Tze Chung, Fan Siu Wong, Kago Ai.

Vanness Wu is really muscular xD
and the Japanese girl is pretty xD
and all fighting is really i think you all will like it xD

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bad Day!!!

Why is it a bad day and i'm here so late....
From this morning was actually good...i read for freakin morning till the bell rang which is for recess rang...and how good was the most man...but sorry that i never listen to teacher teaching because the teacher was not really teaching xD so is not my wrong ok xD

After that i went home...somehow KINDA QUARREL with parents xD
Ok small stuff...after that i get scolding~
Till now i was just kena scold few minutes ago xD
and just quarrel xD

Scolding me bout discipline xD and i was just a student so shall follow ALL the disciplin...and even the older people also have me young kiddo must also follow discipline...and that is a MUST and not to be have PROBLEMS!!!!!!! think people can do that?

Hahah...and please~
Finding people to talk also is a problem...for sure it will get a quarrel in the end or scolding in the end...
So is it i really so PROBLEMATIC?????
sounds like i'm having alot of problem xD
and is like saying that i'm a real bad buddy and no discipline...hahah to say if i have discipline problem earlier i already get throw out of school la...still studying now meh....
hahah how can this stop in me man....

please!!!!!!!!! SUCKY DAY I HAVE!!!!!!!

And hahah must be smart....
when quarrel start...just shut up and hear what are they talking about and wait...for sure a quarrel will stop xD


But it seems parents scolding and quarreling with me is kinda chat and talk with me...if there is not quarrel and scolding...i don't think i'll have any conversation with my family xD

And one more thing...when i ask for a decide which means i cant really make decision la...why people will always answer me bout "you decide yourself la..."

And after all i think next time i will just simple make my own selfish xD
when there is a bowl of rice...i'll eat myself and not sharing it xD
isn't it this is the way???

And the 13th of FEB will not having Rihanna anymore...and maybe this saturday i'll be going school...(If there is any BM period)
Lol i dunno is there any BM cause i don't know the replacingday is when xD

But i WISH everyone Happy VALENTINE first xD
And i'll be going out...not a date but is going to collect my valentine present xD

ZZzzZZzzzzzz Sleep time!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day coming

OH SHIT!!! I did a wrong move again..SORRY i did the same wrong thing today =/

But i did not mean that..just i don't know why i'll do that =(

Today PJK's soft ball was fun xD help to score 2 point but still miss one of that =( all cause of dunno who that hit the ball so soft make me so fast to be out =.=

Hmmm anyone having a SPECIAL saturday this year?

For TAMAN SEA student if you have a special day for this saturday and you are still not ready make your move to xin wei's blog to have a VALENTINE CARD!!!

Have a look is free xD

xinwei's blog address : ----CHECK IT OUT----

Valentine day xD Waiting my teddy bear xD

And please i'm not gay lol
I have my valentine target too...but is just not a time for it and i don't think the present is ready for her need say so much lol

But before the special saturday...friday is also a good day xD

RIHANNA's concert is on don't just remember the saturday la..friday is also a good day xD
Alot guy will be attending right?
Hot girl mah xD

But not for me lol but her song is nice xD

Year end having prom!!! Hmmmm..wish everyone can get who they wish to be their partner to attend the prom xD
Don't think i can get a partner xD cause i planing to ask for partner at the last minute xD so it would be like every girl have their guys

And i have facebook now...can just search me : KatoonbOy Jun
just add me =D