Monday, March 30, 2009


Morning at school abit sleepy -.- when is free period have a nap..hahaha !!!

But before that Pn.Harminder came in to our class and telling us that all the discipline stuff xD
And yea is funny man xD
and she said that she is going to America or where i forget lol after this year, so she say that we are actualy lucky that she still can help us out of some discipline stuff..

And i agree that what she say that those "..." really got nothing better to do and make some stuff to do -.-

After that had all the class then recess!!! Whee~ Is time to talk alot here and there
so sit at the pesta table disturb CHUN Siang..and the conversation was

Me:CHUN!!! siang~
Chun Siang:JUN siang~
Me:What?Who are you calling?
Chun Siang:You la!!
Me:I'm not siang also.CHUN!! siang~
Chun Siang:What?
Me:Call your name cannot ah?
Chun Siang:My name is not CHUN!!! siang~
Daniel:Stupid siang

then me and daniel laughing there but chun siang giving a speechless face lol

Me:Then now you want CHUN!!! siang~ or you want Stupid siang?
Chun Siang:ok la ok la CHUN!!! siang la~

Hahah give him his own name he don't want until people wanted to give him a STUPID siang only want his own name lol

And today after school actually went to curve and have some shoping ^^

brough 2 shirt =D and mom brough 1 shirt too lol

and this friday going to have undang exam for driving =/ just want a pass xD

ciao~ SLEEP TIME!!! ^^

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scolding!!! And pesta in going to turn off!!! =(

Here to tell the feller that please don't back stab la..act really like helping me...tell me some secretive stuff like that but lucky i did not trust you =P

Is a luck to me and trust toward'll know who you are that doesn't need me to tell you who you are..

so...please be yourself and don't so evil to act!!! from a normal person change to like this...don't know what happen to you...but never mind xD i doesn't care bout you...cause you are really a far friend from to say you is just to let you know that you hurt my friend !@#$%^&

And your friend equal to my friend also very good to you don't know why you will betray my friend...Here to say my buddy is still my buddy...have problem help each other have sharing share together...

Everyone must not follow like this feller that i betray your friend...even if he/she is your enemy also you must love them like what i have learn at cf camp...
if is hard also you need to do long you try...every try will always get 1% increase...
hahaha and 1% is really little for saying truth...but still try it to be good...

and when came to a problems that the person doesn't appreciate what you do...never mind...the god will still see it and appreciate it like how he love you xD and is EXTRAVAGANT love from the god.

Here i sounds holy right? Lol is just that what i have learn then i use it...

so what you have just show it!!!

and xinwei ask to read her blog tell her here..what you have just show it!!! How crazy you are then go the the maximum you have!!! Shyness leave aside la..people wont say you stupid or what one la..they will just say you siao..but in a way they cant even go that hyper... so is like you cant judge people then don't say me xD

After all the happiness i have from crew pesta...they are really true friend...
to really say sometime they really critic people like they really mean it..but after all they will still protect, care, help, share and all with you xD

and from the cf last day's morning after session..the packing time we pesta stay in the dorm pesta king a.k.a Daniel playing his guitar keep singing home that song xD

and before the singing they really say something supportive.

Really thank you to the pestalisT.

And pestalisT will be temporary off..will the SPM exam is over~


New hair!!! "BoTak ZAI" >< PestalisT and CF Camp

Since is BoTak ZAI now right? I don't think is good to take picture =p

For the PestalisT all crazy at Si jun's house that day xD

yes we have our BBQ!!!

After BBQ we have some sport at his underground floor..then don't know who go play basketball till his basketball ring spoild adi xD

Then after i'm tire then i go back up to find Chang Nien and Daniel sing karaoke and a real funny to do with Daniel!!! can you imagine he acting like a super gay ppl simple sing the Gwen's holyback girl and one of the Arvil's song...

then after all his acting then i sing Tong Hua with him xD

didn't know that we can actually get 94% wei!!!

after all we pesta in his karaoke room!!!

then we plan to watch saw4...but not even anything yet sijun already start running out of the room xD

then after that some of them start going home and his dvd somehow cannot play the dvd well =.=

then we pesta again!!!
Pillow Whacking!!!

All whacking Sheng hui~

To say truth the violent one is Kar seng really a KS xD always back stabing while all saw attack one of them time...he will always be the one who whacking the gang bang one but not the kena gang bang one xD

ok this is all fun!!!

The Pesta Founder wearing my hat and spec to act xD

Cf camp...The PestalisT is there too!!! =D

For all worship and all..the pestalisT is really siao!!!

one thing of the pesta good of him that bringing the guitar to play for all the pestalisT

So thank you to the pesta king!!!

And the camp is really to say is fun..

Chee Ken member of pestalisT

Chee Ken and Elroy.
Yeap my ugly botak! ><

All the picture kinda for the school magazine =D

Hahaha this is a picture that disturbing Hoc Leong while the second morning he washing face time xD

Camp's stuff

My camp's tag.

Eh this key chain is not they gave one all my hard work to slowly make it one ^^

Hahaha all of this long hair is gone..
My Show Luo plus Vanness wu's hair gone!!! =(
Hair grow faster!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Hahah i mean that people who i call conner xD

just like a joke here i wanna tell...if that feller who everytime sleep,
you might call him/her sleepy pig or pig or something else...
But i'm going to say that my answer is SLEEP-ER
like slipper xD

Ok~ don't say me lame again~ =p

Haah my blog is like deeply dead yea xD

So here i went to help Melanie with Zhuo Liang bout a Charity Event =)

Hahaha when i reach there was damn blur...all i know is just..oh follow Melanie then can adi xD
that's all i know xD

then after that... (photo grab from

Haha this is like the starting but is actually half way adi one xD Yea today damn fun!!!

like day's that SO FUN!!!

Can really enjoy the day!!!

Haha the middle feller is the main topic that i mention...and he is the real CONNER!!! XD

Haha that Sei zai bao a.k.a Zhuo Liang use this idea helping to sell really fast!!! lol

Chee Ken pass by to have lunch lol and his lunch is really worth it lol

and this is also a part of that Sei zai bao's idea xD

hahaha this is the thing we buy xD
Zhuo Liang and Chee Ken's mom all having big expression lol

Zhuo Liang showing some weird weird stuff there thinking sick!!! Aiya is normal to him la lol

OMG!!! I buy VEGETABLESSS!!!! Is so hard to see a feller who don't eat vegetable that buying vegetable now xD

BlITZONE's bottle haha have been going few time this year to play DOTA and LEFT 4 DEAD