Monday, April 28, 2008

Today is a what day le?SUNDAY!!!!!

Hmm...Today woke up late le..then went to granny house eat lunch then follow my dad fetch my cousin to KLIA..

After fetching then i start to watch tv :D Long time never watch tv watch until 3 to 4hour liao..Woo~Hu~

After watching there is a nice one which is Astro WaLaiToi punya Super Trio Supreme!!!!


Sunday, April 27, 2008


Yesterday Saturday at the morning i went my karate class then at 11AM i'll be at ss2 punya McD meeting for PBC(Persatuan Bahasa Cina) xD Btw this really take me alot of time le.Because when i reach home is already 4PM.Hahaha xD 5hours wei.Is just like going school study nia.5HOURS~

After arrive home,ahhh!!!!!Going out to granny house and fetch my granny and my cousin that came back from Sydney Australia with her family.Hahaha xD

People ask :Fetch them go where?

Me :Go out makan lo xD

Btw my niece she likes to eat i think.Because she saw satay and she start taking it and put it in to her mouth xD Btw i still think that babies usually they saw what then will try to fit in to their mouth right? xD

After eating then we go back to granny's niece don't want other people to carry her de :S Only want her mama nia :( Nevermind,i think she is still strange from us haha..xD After a while she fall asleep liao xD Then my cousin bring out some snack that she bought from Sydney!!!Woo~I like that Chocolate Easter Egg and the Macadamias nut that abalone flavour le!!!Haha xD Is nice le..xD

But i still jealous there is somebody told me he/she is going to eat SUSHI!!!!!!


Friday, April 25, 2008


Hmm..Exam coming what should i do r?STUDY!!!!!!!Btw i'll still be blogging de..Hahaha xD
Yuen Hee!!!Xin Wei!!!Before this post there is no correction on the Exam sucks!!! post rite?xD

Hmm..This morning i went to tell a story..I guess is not that bad..Izit? xD Btw today there is a free period for pjk again..So i went to next door which is 4Jasmine,and what i do there is watching Kar Sing play his psp.xD
After awhile,Pn.Ting came in and she start teaching us maths again le..xD Get to know what is maths chapter5 this time..hahaha xD Thanks to her wei..Or not in the exam time my maths sure GG liao..xD Don't wanna get into wei xD

After the maths,there is a english period..Hmm..Essay le..Sien nia..Nvm i just go to ask teacher for pass keluar and go find that two ponteng feller which is Elroy and Travis,because before teacher comes in our class they already ponteng to Justin's class..So i just went down and find them..And so Justin's class is having sejarah which is Cik.Maziana..And she is kinda blur teacher so i went in and being a student listening what she say..xD
After that is recess liao..Kinda boring..Don't know where my friends go liao..Cant find them..=.="

After recess then back to class and start moral period...Omg!!!Boring ahh!!!!!!!!!
After suffering that 2 period of moral then we have free period for BM today...Wooo~~We get in to a group then we start saying jokes...xD
After the jokes is like nothing to say anymore so i don't know who the crazy feller start to play foot mountain...=.= Lame sia~~(Picture of the foot mountain will post lately)xD
While playing we get quite noisy so teacher come and stop us by playing that lame games..hahaha xD

School bell rang~~~

Go block C chinese society!!!xD Is having fun today of playing balloon at chinese society..Lolx xD After chinese society then i get my lunch at canteen,after lunch then me,Wei Nian and Jin Chuen go library chit chatting..Hahaha xD
Bad to have gossiping also...xP But we're having fun nia..Hahaha xD

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This morning was normal not to get a urut from accounts teacher.Because there is no homework last week that's why she no reason that we din't do her work.Hahaha xD
After that we went to school hall and have a talk of HIV/AIDS hahaha xD

After recess,science class~teacher just check homework but don't know why i get tire so i get a sleep.OHHHMYYYGOossSHH!!!!Din't know that this year i get slept in the class few time d...After science class there is a sejarah period wei,while we waiting sejarah teacher come in time (we refer to me,Travis,Elroy and Chee Ken) when there is people walk pass our class,we call their name and start making some noice *BOO!!!* After awhile sejarah teacher comes in liao..ZzZZZzz~And she asked us question le..While she ask question,when people that answer correct we start to *BOO!* them like mad and when they answer wrong we start to *cheer* and *clap* for them.hahaha...xD That is kinda fun.Izit? xD After sejarah we have geografi le,just there copying note.

Here comes the RIOT!!!!!!!!Maths teacher comes in and she wanted to change our place le,but when i saw the place she place us i laugh like mad wei...xD Know why?She put me and Elroy sit together and Travis and Chee Ken sit together le..So do u think that make a difference for us?After that she know that is no different so she start to change again and we all started to riot liao.Because she draw like a graf at the white board and list the name,so she just change the name at the white board.While changing,we went infront and start to ask her "Teacher!!Change for what!!!~" keep repeating that.xD When the school bell rangs we said "Terima kasih (Before her name)*BOO!!!!!!!*" xD
Hmm..After school today i never stayback for chinese class because i have other things to do.Hahaha xD

Hmm..Todays violin class was great!!!Having trial exam wei!!! xP

Sunday, April 20, 2008

BirthDAY's DAY

Before the topic start.I should thanks Yuen Hee FFK scout camp come Lian Huan Hui for surporting lo..xD But don't know why she forget her lucky draw number when call her number time she dint get the prize.. morning get to wake up don't know what time liao.But nvm it is a late wake up..lolx After brushing my teeth my elder brother called me follow him to dentist because he having a apointment of him braces..xD After that we went lunch then i follow him to Shah Alam somewhere to see some arowana fish xD

After seeing FiSHiE then we went home and then i take a bath then dad,mum,bro and me go for celebrate my birthday at The Curve's KIM GARY!!!!!!!! The food is delicious wei LOL
While eating(this will making somebody goes happy when i say this,or crazy i don't know xD) Kim Gary cafe was putting Luo Zhi Xiang's song wei..xD Btw also there is also 2 song i like de xD Tension's Wo Men De Gu Shi and Justin feat Tank's Nan Ren KTV xD Hmm..Besides that while i eating,there is also a cute little baby sitting behind me..When i turn back time she is like smiling and keep waving to me..hahahaha xD

Hmm..Yesterday's birthday celebration picture somebody have posted..If you wanna have a look you can jus visit
Thanks for posting!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


LIAN HUAN HUI started at 10 today...Thx for people who come surport me...But today was extremely enjoyful...I get to perform a hip hop dance will be posted on my blog lately,and also my solo popping dance...But the solo dance i guess is too short...T.T Audience dun really get enough shock...haha...And there is also a part they invited my brother to the stage and we start dance battleing le...somebody have jus in time recorded down that battle le...thx to Jia Wen le...haha xD

After the Lian Huan Hui,Wei Nian,Yuen Hee,Chang Nien,Jin Chuen,Chee Guan and also me went to have lunch and also celebrating my early b'day...hahaha..After we order our food...After awhile i get a surprise because they went to buy me a cake..haha..Thx to them...haha...

Nowadays internet sucks...Cant post my picture n video...Sad..And i cant change my header n my profile picture...

Sorry to SOMEBODY GORGEOUS that sit beside me being a stupid today..haha..xD Remember to take a laugh and forget it...Always be happy~

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Don't wanna say today...=(

Do my tag work only.
Take a laught and forget today.
21) What color are your eyes? - brown?black?white? xD
22) How tall are you? - 165?168? Don't really measure it...haha..
23) Where is your dream house located? - Malaysia? xD
24) Have you ever taken pictures in a photo booth? - Once i think...haha xD
25) When was the last time you were at Olive Garden? - Don't even have first time how to have last time le?hahaha
26) Where was the furthest place you traveled today? - Melbourne Australia.
27) Do you like mustard? - Not really.
28) Do you prefer sleep or eat? - Both!!! xD
29) Do you look like your mum or dad? -Hmm...both?don't know..Sometimes look like dad
sometimes look like mum...hahaha...
30) How long does it take you in the shower? - 5minutes?But sometimes i get to shower for
31) Can you do the splits? - Can.But is a not complete one...hate Yuen Hee and Jin Chuen always splits infront of me :'(
32) What movie do you want to see right now? - Don't really have right now.Because all i wanted to watch de also watch liao...hehe..
33) What did you do for New Year's? - Visit?Back to hometown?hahaha xD
34) Do you own a camera phone? - Sure...hehe...And somebody who tagged me jealous somemore....hahaha xD
35) Was your mom a cheerleader? - Nope.But she say she is good in dancing last time...xD
36) What's the last letter of your middle name? - N?
37) How many hours of sleep do you get at night? - Minimum 5minutes?Maximum 17 hour?
hahaha xD
38) Do you like care bears? -Huh?Care bears?
39) What do you buy at the movies? - Ticket?Drinks?1901 Bugger sometimes..
40) Do you know how to play poker? - No.:'(
41) Do you wear your seatbelt? - Yes when i sit at the front.But sometimes like to put on
seatbelt while sitting passenger sit.hahaha xD
42) What do you wear to sleep? - Pyjamas?
43) Anything big ever happen in your hometown? - Don't know.hahaha xD
44) How many meals do you eat a day? - 3?Is snack counted?
45) Do you always read Friendster bulletins? - No.
46) Do you like funny or serious people better? - Depends.But most probably funny
47) Ever been to L.A.? - NO!!!
48) Did you eat a cookie today? - A Japanese cookie?
49) What are you thinking right now? - Empty in my brain right now..haha..
50) Tag 6 people in your list.
Don't think i have people to tag...haha..
Get better after doing the tag.
Still down.
Ready for Violin class lo.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kinda sad~ Kinda fun~

Hmm...don't want say the sad thing...But is having fun on Sunday..haha...
What is so fun on Sunday is because of having outing to watch L change the world!!!
Hmm..the movie was nice...before the movie start...we went for lunch at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng and we saw Jeremy le...haha xD and we keep calling his name when we wanted to order or something else...haha..."JEREMY!!!" xD

After the lunch then we go buy drinks then we go seating and ready to watch L change the world!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

TiRed zZzz...yet happy with posting TAG!!!

today morning having my KARATE EXAM!!! the exam...cos is the time for showing off...hehe...but today's karate sparring time reali shock..having sparring with a black belt guy in our school name call Ahmad Riyal...haha...know why shock? while sparring...i bended my body n try to punch him time get a upper kick from him..*ouch* thats hurt yet can get experience...haha...xD

after the karate class...wait for chinese society committees...omg...all oso krs member le...sien while waiting..."-,- after they finish their krs then i walk along with chinese society member n 1 of him not a chinese society member who name Wai Phun to Mcd for meeting...haha...we walk past his house but he doesn't wanna go home..haha...xP


Tag that from Yuen Hee and Xin Wei.


1. name 5 people you can think of right off the top of your head.

2. don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 5 people.

3. randomly list the names. no cheating!

the 5 people:

1)Tan Xin Wei

2)Chan Yuen Hee

3)Lai Yi Xuan

4)Chia Chee Guan

5)Hoe Wei Nian


1. how did youy meet 1? [Xin Wei]

hmm...dun reali remember how i know her...mayb is chinese society meeting time...haha

2. on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your friendship with 1? [Xin Wei]

10 lo.Or not i also wont list her la..right?

3. how long have you known 4? [Chee Guan]

Since mid of last year i think.Meaning 6months like that.haha

4. how do you know number 3? [Yi Xuan]

Form2 tuition time?Or form3?forget liao..xD

5. wheres 5? [Wei Nian]

At home?dunno..hahaha..

6. a fact about number 1? [Xin Wei]

Flat face? me do beat box till she feels paranoid..xD

7. who is 4 going out with? [Chee Guan]

Don't know le.His gang gua...haha...Don't know..xD

8. what does 1 do for a living? [Xin Wei]

Wu Yua Tian?haha..xD

9. would you live with number 3? [Yi Xuan]

I don't mind xD

10. what do you like about number 2? [Yuen Hee]

Hmm...Her split?haha..She is a good audience?By letting me call her stayback..haha..Bt you're not boring right?Because our practise everytime oso dance awhile then we'll start playing till crazy xP

11. do you miss number 5? [Wei Nian]

Ok le..Not really..haha xD

12. would you make out with number 4? [Chee Guan]

hahaha..Twice..First time was lucky meet each other at NZX..Second time were you calling me for advertisement casting...xD

13. what's your opinion of number 2? [Yuen Hee]

Making me jealous ni...summore got Planet Shaker last minute ni tell me..:'( Nvm i got Sushi King xD

14. what's your favorite memory with number 5? [Wei Nian]

Sms-ing?Because only1sen xD

15. what would you do if number 1 and 2 were going out? [Xin Wei & Yuen Hee]

OHHH MYY...Sure sampat all around...Because i don't think they will shopping xD

16. ever had a long conversation with 5? [Wei Nian]

Got?Yea.I think got xD

17. have you ever slept at 2's house? [Yuen Hee]

Sure no la..hahaha...

18. do you hang out with 3 a lot? [Yi Xuan]

No,not really hahaha.

19. who have you known the longest?

Yi Xuan lo..hahaha..

20. how often do you talk to 1? [Xin Wei]

Everyday? xD don't know..Almost everyday i guess..xD

21. what about 2? [Yuen Hee]

Everyday lo..xD

22. have you ever thought 3 more then a friend? [Yi Xuan]

Sure...Let me kacau ni xD

23. would you go out for a date with 5? [Wei Nian]

Sure no problem...hehe...

24. do you dream about 2? [Yuen Hee]

Hmm...I did?haha..Maybe xD

25. what did no 4 did to you that you can never forget? [Chee Guan]

Nothing he did to me that make me remember.hmm xD

26. what have you done for 1 that the person never forget? [Xin Wei]

I think is the Beat Box that i can make her never forget it...Because that make her paranoid xD

27. what's 3 hobby? [Yi Xuan]

Don't know le..Better u tell me what's ur hobby XD

28. tag 5 people

1-No xD

2-Buddy xP

3-I :D

4-Wanna :P

5-Tag =)

Again tag work from Yuen Hee.

1) The phone rings. Who do you want it to be? - Dunno le..currently is message tone ni..罗志祥&萧亚轩'S 败给你 (Luo Zhi Xiang & Xiao Ya Xuan's Bai gei ni)

2) When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart? - OMG...Sure i'll return la..the cart is no use for me..haha xD

3) In a social setting, are you more of a talker or a listener? - Usually both oso...Hahaha xD

4) Do you take compliments well? - Sure la..COMPLIMENT le..haha..

5) Do you Sudoku? - Not really xP

6) If abandoned alone in the wilderness, will you survive? - Sure will...Who wont..:D

7) What song are you listening to? - Yoga Ling You Jia's song xD

8) Did you ever go to camp as kid? - Nope...Until this year somebody told me camp fun de..So i tried it..haha..Seriously fun but my skin get infection..=.="

9) What was your favorite game as a kid? - Playing wif my toys...Lego?From don't know where.PlayMobile?From England xD

10) If a person you really liked was pursuing you, but you knew he/she was married, would you? - HAHAHA...Do u think i will...Crazy people do de..I'm that crazy people xD

11) Could you date someone with different religious beliefs than you? - Watever la..Date only la sure...Nothing de for me..xD

12) Do you like to pursue or be pursued? - NO TO PURSUE!!!

13) Use three words to describe yourself. - Always Being Happy?hahaha..

14) Do any songs make you cry? - Not really..xD

15) Are you continuing your education? - Sure...xD

16) Do you know how to shoot a gun? - Yes for a toy gun like bb gun,video game gun or maybe water gun xD

17) If your house was on fire, what would be the first thing you'd grab? - MY HANDPHONE...Because handphone help me find friend to help me out xD

18) How often do you read books? - Everyday while school or tuition time...Or maybe exam o anything need me read time..hahaha..

19) Do you think more about the past, present or future? - Think for all la..Noob sia wont think for ni xP

20) What is your favorite children's book? - Learning ABC book?xD






Friday, April 11, 2008


soli no morning went for english drama...OH MY GOSH dint know that i make up wei...haha...cos i only make up in a big event de..haha...lik halloween event o sumthing i think the drama was cool...xP btw everyone saw me at the backstage time they are lik "OMG!!!WEN JUN!!! WHATS WRONG WITH U WEN JUN!!!" there r sum people mean it to me was gay,cute,cool...btw after the drama i change back to school uniform n back to be a normal student(I'M BACK!!!)...after that i back to be a audience again...while being a audience time there i'm sitting with yuen hee all the we went crazy being a audience with travis,chee ken,zhuo that time...stupid gay zhuo liang was keep losen my button there..."GAY!!!" after that i use my wax put it all over my hand den i start kacau his hair...hahaha that was fun^^

after drama...before school end,elroy,travis and jueliang went for the english programe call win draw o lose...haha...jus the time to ponteng geo...2molo is going to hav the game before the game there is moral tomorrow...having exam wei...must read during recess liao...haha...xD

after school today...i went out to have sushi king for lunch wei...with my sis n best fren KK...haha...3people eat 37 plates wei...damn full...but time really pass very fast...going home that a bath n hav tuition again...T.T...

after tuition night time i went for breakdance class was really fun but is tiring wei...after the dance i went for my dinner with KK n sis again at The Curve's heaven cafe...haha...while waking to heaven cafe time...we saw sushi restauran was like "OMG SUSHI!!!FULL!!!!SAY NO TO SUSHI TODAY!!!!!" haha...

end up the dinner and now..writing my blog...EXAM TOMORROW!!!actually is today liao...cos is 11APRIL2008 1242AM liao...haha...sorry yuen hee n xin wei no time post tag......

Sunday, April 6, 2008

outting day.....

this morning jus lik every saturday morning.......went to skul for karate class...after that go basketball den breakfast wif my fren den back to skul wait for kar sing come to skul n folo me go my house for taking psp he was too clever...cos he went to update his psp version...n he updated the play UMD version...(UMD=universal media disc)psp game for him for his cleverness that he dint download the pirated game play version...haha xP in the 12...we went to hav lunch at aman suria's original kayu...after lunch..we walk to niu zhe xui to hav sum talk n drink...haha..somehow while waking there we let people saw us n we saw yong fong there working...lately night time i'll be going the curve's heaven cafe yam cha...xP

Saturday, April 5, 2008

stay back FFK sumbody xD

after the bell rang....i should have drama practise de...btw i ran off to play basketball outside the skul wif chee guan...haha...after their drama practise finish...i walk back to skul den i went to cf's concert today...while the time i walk in to dewan i dint know that pn.julie was there den she walk to me n i so scare she call me pull up my pants bt in the end she shake hand wif me n called me to enjoy it..haha...i was thinkin is that the real pn.julie? xD

after awhile i feel boring so i walk away n i saw my pet sis Ruiyi...haha...hmm...after she went kuan cheng skul she is lik more tom boy wei...haha...after chatting wif her i went back to cf concert again n they start to sing song n pray den i was lik hmm..all people pray n i'm the only 1 that stand there do nothing....=.="...btw thx ciaoZZ(ciaoZZ=chow ern) teman me..haha....

after the concert i went to makan den i realize that actually i stay back for rehersal chinese society's dance member was not there yet...=.="....hmm...some of them was bz n some went home the end of that...i wait till my fren finish his debate stuff then i ffk sumbody n go back home liao...haha... xD

sad..soli ffk-ing...haha..u kno who u are......

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Crazy happy day xP

this morning having ekonomik class time me n travis did the same thing again...being a crazy fellow...counting people say "OK" n "K".......haha...
do u know today he said 105 "OK" n "K" wei!!
the time taken was from 730 to 825...almost 1 hour le..haha..n travis have counted 1 year he will b saying 1,051,920 ok's le...xD

after school back to house have my lunch n started to sleep until 4...hmm...sien time have came...the tuition time....while tuition in the bm tuition at EduSmart the first teacher let us make till she angry...after her teaching then she went out complain bout us very noisy...after that uncle Chan went in our class n scold us..haha...then when the essay teacher teaching...sheng hui n kee wei start to do their work...haha once in a blue moon wei!!
after the class Aaron lee take out his Gatsby moving rubber hair wax...haha...i put it on my hand n started being crazy putting on to peoples hair..haha...n there is 2 gurl kena oso..xP
1 of them is Chow Ern n another is my pet sis Ruiyi...haha...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Today..April fool..My birthday month..

xD....the third year i get a lame april fools day nowadays i really get stress....dun feels like awake...jus wanna sleep until the stress day over n i can never get to emo the end....i cant imagine that i can emo till cut off peoples hair wei....xP is a day to celebrate a lame April fools for me n also a day that a Hong Kong singer dies few years ago name Leslie Cheong...ok..ok...celebration day we should have a happy stuff to say...people R.I.P. is not a good thing in the afternoon lunch time today...once in a blue moon i went to buy cha kui tiao for my lunch le...xD but not kinda tasty while buying lunch time i get SOMEBODY's pinches...*ouch*..."T.T...this he o she that pinch me really bad...T.T" u kno who i'm saying n u know who u are...n pls dun say i say u cos i never say the hmm....todays chinese class was crazy because the crazy people like Z.Liang that keep saying "wat wat sian o wat wat tion..."OOHHHMMMYGGOODDNESSS all the crap....xD

And today went to Yuming house tuition mod math...hmm...dint know that the tuition really hav sum student that really playing a full with a rubber ball throwing in the room n hit others for getting fun....OMG.......xP