Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hahah....time past..things change...

Eh not emo thingy ok...just to say things wil change xD

Not really much thing to say...but hahah ok i think i must change myself...changing to be more quiet and not think so much...blank all the time shut up all time..

Hahah or not? Everyone start ignoring me or running away from me..because i'm actually disturbing or maybe else xD


Today early morning alot people at my house make me wake up xD

and yea...

My clothes and hat is borrow-ed xD

Quite happy that i can help people =D

And my shopping kaki asked me today "when wanna go shop shop?" Yea..good to hear that...but i scared he is busy and what he asked will be aih.....

never mind....also back to my Stephen Chow movie =D

Friday, November 28, 2008

Wah yesterday sleep around 3AM but don't know why today can wake up at 1130AM hahah...

Soon my house having party i guess is fun =D

Haha 2AM at ss2. Not yesterday la..

Wearing emson's specs


I have finish xD thought i telling lie -.- really complete la xD

Ok by the way not least my phone ring and yes is a video call xD and she is yiting jie =D really long time no see lo...

Lost don't know where din't find me...say this and that -.- forgotten this brother here ='(

But....lucky today still have a 3G talk xD not bad...hehe because is really boring and there you call and talk xD

Hahaha thanks ^^

Thursday, November 27, 2008

BORING!!!!!!!! Hahah seems like everyone is quiet...every day watch Stephen Chow's movie but still cannot finish watching all of them xD only finish 9 of them...

Yes new game that i playing...NEED FOR SPEED UNDERCOVER.

But not only watch his movie one xD cause my psp have game that make me wanna play it i still can have abit fun by playing game haha but not even 1week i already complete 100% of that game so how leh... Turn back to sien~

Aih waiting sms and call from people haha because i remember got people owe me yam cha one oh...

Yesterday din't back home till this morning 2AM.
Know why?
Because went recording yesterday haha yea is quite fun there...actually i go there only to see see they recording then when i boring then i play my psp there xD

Hahah people recording i playing xD At the back of me that guitar teacher really geng le =D

Hehe in the end i get to help out the recording hehe..

Is me leh xD

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Watched High School Musical 3 xD

The dance?? Really nice xD all hip hop dance =D
People know why i say nice.
Because i cant dance hip hop well xD That's why =( hahah never mind i know breaking and popping =p

Ok..sunday i went back to my hometown to have steamboat dinner at my uncle's new house hehe..get along with my cousin again...all the way back to my hometown guess how many people in the car xD

Before fetching all my cousin the place is so free me and sis.

See so many people rolf.

My cousin love his brother rolf.

7 people stuck in my dad's car xD

Hahah thanks to the PHONE camera woman xD which is my sis using her new phone Sony Erricson C702 taking all photo with the auto face focus.

My uncle's new house!!

Hahah actually posing there xD getting the mirror image xD me and cousin(Henry)

Woo~ steamboat!! Tasty =D

Cousin and cousin xD

Hahah mom and aunt helping to serve all my cousin xD All kiddo =D

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Up to fashion!!! Hahah now my blog is like helping people advertise xD

But nowadays i really boring -.- but lucky my elder brother bring me stephen chow movie ^^ that really his packs ah?? xD

Hahah yes!! He is the CJ7 one xD

Director leh^^

And -.- "TIME" special issue...see what they writen there Asian Heroes xD

Really hero..that's why made a difference as they made us proud xD

Ok in his movie -.- really those things they say is really funny hahah so...yes his movie make people laught xD
So i have like32 of his movie here xD and yea i have just watch one that day xD but i'm going to watch others soon =) real soon!!

Now yes wanted to say Mastermind Japan!!
Anyone know this??
Ok this is a brand which is style of punk one xD

Mastermind Japan is a specialty menswear manufacturer started in Tokyo in 1997. They specialize in punk-inspired printed t-shirts which range in price from $305 to nearly $900 U.S. Other products include ties, gloves, boots, caps, jeans and rings, all emblazoned with the Mastermind Japan skull-and-crossbones logo and all similarly expensive. The clothing line appeals to the well-heeled fashion consumer who wants to appear to be part of the punk subculture.


The 10th Anniversary of mastermind Japan has resulted in many interesting collaborations. Perhaps none as interesting as the recent uncovering of this Bandai figure based on the Gundam H2YM MS-06J ZAKUII. mastermind Japan were responsible for the colors and their mark is evident with the use of their skull & bones logo on the chest and shield. The two box packaging for this figure weighs in at a staggering 34 kilograms. Available for pre-order at Bandai Hobby Shop with a release date set for March of next year. Fans of mastermind Japan may find the ¥399,000 JPY (approximately $3,679 USD) slightly easier to stomach than most.

Eh heard that this gundam figure is about 160cm leh..scary??? Like me like that xD

Gold colour ee....i like the bottom one better =D

Be@rbrick: Mastermind Japan 1000%


Mastermind Japan is a brand of Japanese clothing that shares very little about itself to the world. Mastermind Japan was founded in 1997 by clothing designer Masaaki Honma. Keeping a low profile has helped to push the prices by creating mystery behind the label along with allowing the designs to speak for themselves. Mastermind Japan is best described as a punk inspired label, or in other words alternative. While the label hosts mostly men's apparel there are a few products available for women as well. The specific type of clothes and products Mastermind Japan offer changes from time-to-time. The apparel includes shirts, jackets, shoes, beanies, vests, along with a limited amount of pants. Currently, the label has done best in the markets of Japan and France. One representation commonly found with each product by Mastermind Japan is the skull and crossbones design. That famous brand is always located randomly on the clothes, whether it be the main design of the piece or simply on the tag. This 1000% Be@rbrick stands 28 inches tall.

But all also not i want one xD
I want de is the Christmas edition and Valentine Edition =)

It is limited...that 2 pair really nice but i still cannot find the picture wei xD
So hahaha cannot let you all see

Hey who is he!!! Shawn Yue lo xD Know why i post him here?? Because he is the only model in Hong Kong for Mastermind Japan =D

Yes the Initial D feller.

Woo he have packs too xD

At brother's uni having performance =D

Before performance start still want sms-ing somebody =)

Yea..this picture is before performance xD

then the performance is great i think xD i did solo part hehe the video ah..see see will post on youtube or not xD maybe is not going to post it hehe..

After performance.

Yes the singer that sang Ipohmali which is the point blanc's point.

After this performance then i go dentise to change my braces thingy then night time went to 1u and watch movie =D which is watching a 18SG movie -.- cheeh nothing one also is just abit violent and ill xD and yea the movie name is The Guard Post gp506.

By the way really hate those people that watching this movie and they really come from kampung ah??? Movie time talk on phone loudly some more -.- after that the movie is like those guard shoot using gun time those feller laugh like hell there -.- then is like erm...those guard get shoot till the hand break adi then they also laugh like hell -.- i guess they break their hand they will laugh also lo xD

Or next time when they die they will be happy xD

Aih this post write damn long lo xD know why??? Write half way then need do house chore xD but after doing then i really going to watch stephen chow again xD cause is really since at home here alone and boring like shit...Nobody talk to you and all -.- and those people talk half way they also busy one -.-


xD but i'm still going to be talk to people that don't talk to me xD

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm here wake up so early wei xD

Nothing to do mah xD never mind xD at least i write the blog ah...seems like no people visit liao xD cause my cbox only have one spammer there roy who everytime read my blog wei xD is that call dead cbox??? Is look like i'm the fellar who call him to visit then he writing there wei....not i call him one ah..

By the way is himself really free and he is active i guess he is new blogger gua xD

Everyone can try out his blog at my buddy list there ^^

His description is nice i kinda like that but is emo leh xD but is meaningful ah xD

If you guys really visit his blog and you can hear song and all ah....really must support him la xD you know why i say that....since standard1 i know this roy feller one wei...but sad he forget that we actually know each other since standard1 in his mind only standard4 -.-

Ok never mind~ at least he remember la.....but really support him la.....i know him so long and always still see him never change one wei....out looking change la sure...but his voice is like still same and he is still talking kinda like kiddo one wei.....but BUUTTT.........after he say support his new blog right....i only realised he really grow leh....never know he know how to write this description thingy leh....good thing for him....and yea....he still like last time to girl having problem like that xD cannot stand a girl stonning at him ah xD make her stop stonning at you can adi la -.- but yea i miss somebody stare at me xD and not only la....also seems nobody around me nowadays xD i stare at mirror and talk to myself ^^ sounds like i sot adi but is true xD mirror talking xD but you must really imagine and really think yourself is not sot ok~~

this roy he told me he was emo too during the day in school and all...because he have a real stupid friend -.- i hear what he say also i want whack that feller lo xD but he seems grow adi xD last time he really will fight one but now he seems know how to think adi xD because he told me that he wanted to whack but after all he say also not to xD good good xD

Last time i still remember that we always walk together from class to outside of the school while school end time....all those kiddo run run rushing back home is like the bag bang him then he will whack the fellar one xD

So i can say he really grow xD and when i really visit his blog time is like wow!!! I din't know that he know how to write kinda thing like this and yea he listen to song wei.....last time he is always play game talk crap bully people with his gang there xD ok all this is old stuff bout new stuff now =D

Nowadays i really sien no people one xD really want borrow twilight to read xD but i still haven't ask from prople =/ i scared =/

Hey!! Be the man and ask it ok....i'll ask it as soon as possible!! xD

Twilight?? =D

Hahah sorry ah...i steal it from someone's blog one =p Twilight.

Why is this bear toy here???
The bear brick toy la xD
It that nice??
By Royalefam one eh...that's why the brand logo was there xD the logo is the face ah xD
Haha yea la i also not really familiar in this brand but i know the skateboarder sure know bout thing brand right?

For the past 5 years, Mark Ong (SBTG) has been focusing on the creation for his clothing line Royalefam and Sabotage for his renowned sneakers customizing work. With the upcoming Royalefam’s Dead Generals Edition, he combines his design and sneakers customizing skill into one in order to affiliate both brands’ concepts. Expect to see a series of tees, customized sneakers, cut & sew pieces, toys, hoodies and a collaboration series of skate deck with PREDUCE. Stay tune for more info as we are expecting more to be unveiled soon.

Dead Generals Edition will be available at Royalefam Stockist worldwide this October.

Denim SB - Reese Forbes

In another talk-worthy moment since What The Dunk, we have yet another jaw-dropping pair of kicks that was and probably is still very much sought after, seeing as how only 444 pairs were ever released. It’s sick and well, the consignee probably is too but Warped is proud to have them consigned here anyhow.

Kinda like this shoe xD
Kinda look like mine that green one xD

End =D

Monday, November 17, 2008


What the hell you did say this and that.....making people the way...never mind making it more worse....but yea...scolded you also.....

Cheer up everyone....guess what...i plan to buy the limited bear brick again but sure la i no money xD i really want to buy one but haha asked brother and he plan to buy also xD the limited series was Chrismas edition and Valentine edition la...really cool one leh...but aih really no money to buy this two pair of bear la...fact is not over hundred but i still no money lo xD

Yes i'm happy that i really buy present to give them the gift i guess you know who are you la...really through me to give you one i mean it one..

hahah...the bear picture i cant find it la -.-

the feller don't know where he find it and let us see one lo -.-

i really cannot find the picture of that bear sad xD

but is cloth type one the bear...not the bear brick always see plastic only one...

Today there is a real nice party leh...i hope all of the people that attend can be real happy ^^

When we grow le...we get to attend the party was real different lo...not like last time really party those kiddo game plan settle all thing then can play....nowadays attend people's party drink beer la this and that -.- yea i still prefer that today's party lo xD

I think is real real nice party leh....and this days people was busy don't know what so busy of leh...i msg them no reply or things eeyer reply me say busy or things also can gua~

Really busy one leh...and yea la...this yiting jie ah...msg her cannot one...never reply at all...must miss call miss call then let her call back and talk one -.- business do big jor la....cannot find adi lo...say jor one le...ask me go yam cha then ffk me...after that holiday find again time sure cannot this and that one la...just really same like what i say xD

I really want read something...want go borrow twilight adi =) please borrow me ah...i want read read la..really nothing much to do xD

Yea lor~ wednesday i'm going to have a performance leh...a dance performance but really

Oh my goodness~

The dance steps wei...not really familiar ah how???

I don't want malu whole crew lo xD

Then i'm really going to perform my violin at pyramid wei =/

People really can come and support me leh xD but i really scared leh....i so kinda shy leh......i like violin group i'm the eldest there leh...if i make 1 mistake how leh =/

I really don't want mistake on that wei....all performance i wish i can be good lo xD

But really i hope the day getting better and better la...god save me man!!! People all also getting busy ah? Aiyo....ok la busy doing stuff that really important gua~

Hmmmm....i guess i really lifeless people lo..i'm not emo or things ok!!! Is just really like lifeless eh...cause is like i nothing to do lo now...but is better than last time or what leh.....because last time i use to play game everyday when the holiday come that time xD

Now is like i find friend to talk but they are busy lo......aiya but there is still feller that tell me "eh don't do nothing go play game la join me leh..." but i think that those are more lifeless eh xD don't play game liao leh me xD change from this year one lo xD i use to write blog and chat now xD but sometimes i really chat too long i think i annoyed people xD

Sorry le...i'm a gamer nothing one la...gaming time oso never chat one leh i make people annoyed sorry la i'll be better later on la.....and yea lar...i think alot one leh...i must change this also la xD

And must study type adi lo.....must really do this few things la....i know YOU doesn't like one la sorry =/

I guess you know who i mention la....yea waiting the time that i can borrow twilight =)

Borrow me ah....i want read it but i scared i read slow ni xD

I think you don't mind le xD
Hahah i guess i emo and all too much la...making people hate me....yea i know la not to be emo adi lo..i'm a guy right...but i guess i know this too late adi lo..BLUE sky turns GREY scary =/

I guess this is one of the problem right? Hmmmm i guess is because that i turn addicted toward you so yea.....Don't wanna lost it so making it this way....

Yea i'll still suit who i am one..not this bad thing more "+" i mean positive now xD being "-" really make people hate you de all the blog reader remember more positive ah....or not all the positive which mean all goods will just go off de leh...SO BE POSITIVE!!!

Hmmm...yea this is your wish i guess...and there is still wishes one i know but i'll find it later yea...i'll always be the angel for you.....aih but leh.....

Yesterday i really disturb all people le la....all really leaving me now xD because i din't know de thing suddenly tell me that...for an example is like people deal to build you this house and then you sell your old house adi then now he say unit not enough so the house is not going to continue build it anymore so what will you think....suddenly no more a house leh...sure grumpy and all de la.....i can say is ok adi the end i still cool down and apologize to you all...but yea maybe my word when i grumpy time really hurts or something i don't know.....but to tell that when you really cant control yourself you don't know what are you doing one like drunk adi one leh...kena whack or what also don't know one la...until you're awake only you'll know that hurts but you'll never know actually what makes you hurts pain and yea...i still sorry to all the people that i hurt them.....sorry la.....

I really cannot control la sorry.....really not sure what i say and all...aih...but really la cannot control that you lost a real real important thing la dude....

I guess i say sorry also no use la...that doesn't make any different adi la......everytime sorry also no use one right? But no matter you get or don't get me i'll still sorry first.....because i think that for a people dare to say a sorry is better than i people doesn't say anything and just forget bout yea.....

But i guess you all can just don't care me anymore if you really hate me.....i'll stay out of you all also le.....but if is not....sure you can find me or something la.....i'm not that kind of person la.......really i din't know one la....i'm also not happy that i hurt people la.....

So smile back and make yourself happy~


Rescue Me - Planetshakers

When im alone the world is such a different place
Sometimes its hard to keep the smile upon my face
It seems like I try so hard and still I let you down
Its taken so long but now theres one thing that Ive found

When everyting starts crashing down
When all I know falls to the ground
When darkness comes and I can't see
You're always there to rescue me

Just when I think that Ive got it figured out
You open my eyes and let me see that theres no doubt
But you've got it all within the power of your hand
It seems like the more I know the less I understand

When everyting starts crashing down
When all I know falls to the ground
When darkness comes and I can't see
You're always there to rescue me
When all my strength has turned to fear
When I wonder if you're near
When I dont know how to break free
You're always there to rescue me

I wonder if Ill make it through this darkest night
I need to know your strength in me gonna win this fight
Im reaching out wont you take my hand show me to the light
I know you're by my side

It seems like I try so hard and still I let you down
Its taken so long but now theres one thing that Ive found

When everyting starts crashing down
When all I know falls to the ground
When darkness comes and I can't see
You're always there to rescue me
When all my strength has turned to fear
When I wonder if you're near
When I dont know how to break free
You're always there to rescue me
You're always there to rescue me
You're always there to rescue me
You're always there to rescue me
You're always there to rescue me

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yea...friday thanks to chang nien belanja the food....

Yea yesterday heard something really hurts.....but it doesn't matter that how hurt that is....ok...after hearing it...never mind yea there is a gathering so plan to forget it.......i guess the people there doesn't really know i actually get hurts....because i'm always a good actor...that you can just see me laughing never really show my real faces....

So yea...i don't know how people will think....but when i really do the physical test for myself yea...i guess is really true.....that they say i doesn't like to really share my stuff....when i sharing my stuff to people maybe there is just the normal thing that really just nothing about the real me....

Is just the surface of when i ask those people to hear what i say please that i saying what i wanted to share....yea sometimes they even pour me cold water.....i don't know what they think...but yea...really tell people that i din't really heard people comfort me before....

Maybe you people that after think what i feel like using a way to straight forward to me.....but yea i prefer a comforting format to tell me what i should a fact that really i feel comfort format from someone.....i don't have to mention who is that i guess....that person really know alot bout me....but yea....there is somebody i share my things too...that person really not good is this kinda thing....yea that person try to pour some cold water on me....but in the end yea that person let me say till speechless....yea so if you wanted to use a straight forward format to tell me...please know what to must be someone that know how to talk more or be someone that i really doesn't wanted to be angry of....only you can do that..... true that i'm a straight forward person but i get to really explain it till you can hear what i yea....sorry to those who i ask them to share and kena back from me.....i guess you know who you are....because i already mention that i doesn't find people for share......

You wanted to share things that about me....sorry to say that if i really doesn't wanted to share with you then nope....or not i'll just share some stupid stuff to you.....

Yes fact i'm stupid....that's why....stupid people share stupid stuff to people...yea clever people doesn't like stupid people....because the stupid people make the clever people get annoyed right? And the stupid people is really irritating....

And yea i don't feel like doing anything......yea here some picture....

Yes Kim Gary....the food that i eat yesterday and some gathering picture...

-.- Everyone like calling a dai gor there and the picture they need to pinch me and i'm like a MANNEQUIN....a sad sad face and short short mannequin...

Xiao Qing Ge - Soda Green (Su Da Luu)

我想我很快乐 当有你的温热

我想我很适合 当一个歌颂者

你知道 就算大雨让整座城市颠倒
受不了 看见你背影来到
写下我 度秒如年难挨的离骚

逃不了 最后谁也都苍老
写下我 时间和琴声交错的城堡
我想我很适合 当一个歌颂者

你知道 就算大雨让整座城市颠倒
受不了 看见你背影来到
写下我 度秒如年难挨的离骚

逃不了 最后谁也都苍老
写下我 时间和琴声交错的城堡
你知道 就算大雨让整座城市颠倒
受不了 看见你背影来到
写下我 度秒如年难挨的离骚

逃不了 最后谁也都苍老
写下我 时间和琴声交错的城堡

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hahah the days go bright bright yesterday xD

Yea I really goes really very happy....


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hahah nowadays sien like hell!!!

Can anyone save me?????

What have i done.........why must i have this kind of things that happen to me.........

If is only sien i think is better but there is things really make me goes crazy la.........

Somebody come and tell you that now you have only your life and there is nothing for you anymore..........

Only thing to do is life with that life you have what do you think?????

I'm now lost and i cant do anything........can anyone help me?????


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hey! Everyone...guess what's this....

Crocodile's tail soup

Oh....not me who is the one who drinking it.....and actually not really nice for the conclusion xD

but is that counted as a luxuries food? xD

Guess why am i posting this picture here....

because this picture is taken by the new phone...SonyEricson C702 which have face focus...

SonyEricson C702

SonyEricson C702

Hahah...guess who's BIG name is this....
My brother lo...working at SHOGUN the japanese buffet...

Woo~ this puppy seriously cute wei!!!
Hahah since when i know how to see cute one...haha thanks to the special people who everytime
tell me this cute that cute lo...

Friday night wear formal go to Sri Hatamas to a place like pub for Chelsea to drink beer...but

haha...i din't drunk la...and the night the DJ playing those song quite Funky BEAT so i went to

dance floor and dance with those people who i don't know them...and yea some of them is

American and all those europe people...and then i start to dance my popping there...after awhile

all my buddy who go the pub there with me start cheer for me and all..and yea i guess this dance

make my buddy a birthday present...that i dance this to people i guess he enjoy....

And when i start my popping there...all the people on the dance floor start moving away and the

form a circle around me and everybody start stare at me and cheer for me....and i din't know

that the first time i go dance floor i can actually own the dance floor...and after that i saw a

break dancer and yea i asked him for battle...and the conclusion is he is just like me but i try my

best to got all the cheer from people to make him lose confident and i can really own the dance

floor..and the night i kinda not really happy so yea...i actually drink some beer there and the beer

and liquor make me kinda heaty so when i dance really dance till what ever i know but i din't try

before i use it there....and i try to do 2000 is like really spin and when is his turn...he used i do something crazy after he do the headstand...i headstand then i put my leg

straight and i spin my body using the headstand....woo~ after that i ni realised lucky i din't break

my neck xD so din't ever try this...and yea i don't think this feller have experience...he keep

dance and dance and dance -.- he was damn tired till he actually cannot do the move but he still

forcing himself -.- ELLO? Bboy battle mostly 30 seconds only ello?

that time was really more than that he still like forcing himself -.- that fellar really chi sin...