Monday, September 29, 2008

RULE 1:Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things / habits / little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird habits /things / little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.No TAG backs!

- HAHAHAHAH I have a weird laught lol..and everytime people say i'm acting when i really laught xD

- Hmmmm..i like to disturb people and i guess that is too much cause there is sometime i make them angry me xD but i'll always think that i get fun and that's all xD

- I'm always lazy xD

- I'm a person which has high curiousity xD

- I think alot..and there is always negative xD

- I like to play online games since standard6 xD and i like to play maple for now xD fact is really kinda call suck xD

- I'm very lame...fact is my attitude i cant change xD

- i'm low alot of thing but only i get alot confident when dancing xD

- I like to eat...haha when i'm in the eating mood i can eat many rounds xD

- matter how sad am i,i'll always keep it and never tell others and only i'll act like nothing xD haha bu neng shuo de mi mi xD

- I have a unpredictable mood xD see me happy but is actually sad..see me sad but is actually happy xD

- I'm a guy like to shop shop xD

- I love my family xD

- I dont cry xD

- I love my girlfriend xD

TAG: haha this time i tag people xD

- my sister

- Mr.Katoon

Thats all xD


Tasty BURGER thanks to the photographer who wear the black heels xD

Tasty DRINK model that wear green NIKE shoe xD

Lala post xD Aih..lousy photgrapher wearing green nike shoe shake one...

Leng lui leh..sure la my model mah hehe...model who wearing the black heels xD

The models and photographer xD

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Luxury ride feat. ZEEBRA PV- Foxxi misQ

Point Blanc ft. Jin - One Day

ZEEBRA - Street Dreams

Monay Monay Poetic Ammo

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kitchen boy (chef’s mixtape) - edison chen
Hmmm...i guess every visitor and long time supporter can see my header just change xD

dont know what to post xD btw yea that day friday went to celebrate XIN WEI aka FLAT FACE birthday at wong kok and this Nat eating cake time is really funny xD while eating time really everyone is laughing at him xD and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you yeah..hehe.. DAI GO LUI LA!!! XD

Hmmm..this morning went to karate class xD and wooo~ can LC infront of so many ppl le xD cause there is few clases they need to do sivik project i guess xD so got to paint the school xD

Hahah woo saw somebody look nice today xD

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Write for somebody to read xD

Hmm... what to say leh...nothing to say xD

Haha watch this video haha by the way ah..write for the special people de that people ah..already watch this video xD so never mind still can hear this song as well xD

Rang wo wei ni - Darren tan

aih.. for get adi tim...this oso her own blog can hear la.. and is summore i find it then..aih too exited then wanna let her know earlier then say adi aih..shall post here adi ni tell la hmm....

but never mind still got things to see xD

HaHa...actually the battle from yesterday's Melody's birthday party i did the breaking my hand did kena a hit then hahaha my hand pain!!! xD but yea still i can battle with the Bboy xD

This i guess you never watch it xD lucky still got video hehe..


Eh...somebody looks beautiful oh xD and also got another people say her very pretty oh xD


Saturday, September 6, 2008

After alot fun picture...i guess i'm going to be no more online no more sms no more all entertainment stuff only can study... haha this is what my whole family tell me so yea...

Lifeless soon and going to be a real stoner i i guess i'll stop blog and all so maybe i'll ask my babe to post some so i guess there is still some post but is not by me..

And there for all who read my blog for surporting me so long... Really thank you for the long long surporting know who you are and i guess this will be the last post of mine till the school's end year exam over..yea...

Here to say good luck for all people who taking exam and all..just good luck for all..Hahaha hopefully i can study and get a good result xD

Random pictures.

Haha...Me MU vs Arsenal xD Like that score wei hahaha...sorry ah i only have the japanese version xD but i can tell you the first one is (Tried score in the bracket is shoot on target) second one 0 - 0 then no need la xD third is (free kick) fourth is (corner kick) fifth is (fault in the bracket is strongly fault or something like that) then the colour colour no need say la xD the last is (Procesion) is the spelling correct ah xD sorry english too weak xD i guess really need alot study to get a better result xD

Lala post but not with the face xD so dont simple guess who is the lala k..and THEY make a something look like triangle xD so is not lala anymore xD

I know is messy but yea..i like that messy xD coz that is the only room i can messy and it's not my room and i cant make room messy xD coz my room really nothing to mess up xD Head stand =D copy from Nam Hyun Joon =D My IDOL!!!

Guess who and where are we...Hahah the sneeker day xD Hmmm i guess there is somebody that no sneeker so he doesn't want to take this pic so hmm..sorry to him know who you are..Sorry Brother..

Woo Elvis? Or who else? No la..he is not singer la..he is my friend Harvey a pro footballer that win football IMU CUP with his team =D cool right? xD

Yea...Every one need money right? xD Like this clothes from echo park bought it last week xD

Hehehe The second shirt i bought that day xD from echo park and this is shirt from my idol Point Blanc VOYEURIZM =D



Dancing teacher from TAIWAN xD Bboy ice-cream =D

Wheee~jerry!!! a instructor from Urban Groove but why is the Bboy blur behind this pic ah? xD Really blur ka? xD

Guess who..Yeap correct =D Joel Tan!!! xD He rocks!!! But he is like really scare me cause my jokes is too lame xD But really joke man..Popper like joke to make people happy =D

Wooo..Zack!!! My Bboy teacher =D haha let's share food xD The pro head spin Bboy =D

Hahaha guess who is she xD The leng lui la xD no la..where got..only got one here so is just only leng lui xD that "THE" no more xD

Guess Who? My sister la aiyo... Lol...Good Luck in exam oh...take care yourself la..Ganbate together in exam =D

Eh gor...Exam ganbate oh...let's settle this EXAM together =D really wanna say EXAM real suck but still we need to pass it.. Hmmm...really feel like can we just make the time that we already pass the exam and the result is good result xD if can then that is really good xD So must get good result together yea...=)

Yea...My sister again =) went to see her HalO Forest Very Idol Concert =D hahah i being a bboy jun to there =D

OH.......Who's SEXY BACK is that xD ZACK la xD hahaha this picture can help me to say that i'll be back after my exam xD

Oh...Where is the people should be in this picture??? Hahah this picture can represent that i'll be gone for study to my end year exam =)

 that two fellow ran here xD Hmmmm...time to end my topic and sleep right? xD hahah this picture can represent me that i'll be back xD
Love you the sleepy pig xD

I'll be back just like terminator3 xD


Hahaha..Leng zai mah? Lol..


Friday, September 5, 2008


haha hearts is damage!!! Do you know why my heart is damage and i'm stil like very happy? I guess i'm just wanna forget about that damages..

Hmmm..dont worry i'm always be happy..

My hurt is just a little hurts compare to the others..

So just take a smile and laugh and try to forget it =)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

OMG!!! Still no DeskTop Use =(

Hahaha my desktop cannot use ah...cannot post picture yet xD

Hmmmm...not much thing to say xD

But i really wanna watch Money not enough use 2!!!


Write down your birth date...8th of MARCH...What year what year..."EVERY YEAR LO"...


Hmmmm and yea...i like this.....

NeedForSpeed UnderCover.. Hmmmthe video cannot post -.-

Never mind xD

Hahaha today end here xD

Love my babe forever xD